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  • FS1 - SE First Strike Digital Satellite Meter






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After almost two years in development the FS1-SE emerges. Without doubt this will soon become the tool of choice for installers world wide. Some of the significant changes include: DiSEqC switching now allows for switching up to 4 LNBs. LNB voltages are now 13v, 18v, and 20v, Changing channels can now be done while in the signal finding mode Drag and drop upgrading. No need for a software interface. Just plug the meter into the PC's USB port and it will be recognized as a USB compact storage device.

Exclusive FastSweep® Software! New screen for better visibility in direct sunlight. Boots up in under 2 seconds. Small enough to go in your pocket. Full of professional features. Large display. PC editing. Unusually this professional meter also has an LNB loop through and so in use you can, if you wish, connect through to the satellite receiver and TV.
Most of the time it will be used independently as it has built in rechargeable Li-ion batteries but it is an option.
There is a yellow rubber protective sleeve around the meter.

World capable internal database of satellites.

The First Strike FS1 is a cost-effective professional meter by First Strike Technology that allows the user to quickly and easily locate the desired satellite signal from any C or Ku band satellite. Use it for freesat, Sky, Free To Air ( FTA ), or for Hotbird, or 30+ more satellites. You can now easily and quickly align any satellite dish, using the all new First Strike FS1. You can install more satellite dish systems faster and with more accuracy. The First Strike FS1 allows the user to use the parameters of the hundreds of preprogrammed satellite settings in the FastSweep or the user can edit the transponder, symbol rate, polarity, and LNBF LO frequency all on one screen, including circular or linear polarities.
During the initial setup of the FS1, the user can input his latitude and longitude and the meter will automatically calculate the azimuth and elevation of the desired satellite based on the location of the satellite. With it's unique automatic recalibration function, every time the meter is turned on, it automatically recalibrate for peak performance.
Complete with mains charger, car charger, USB software upgrade lead and shoulder strap. Built in GPS data. In 2012 an installer commented "the batteries seem to last for ever ... that is good news considering how meter batteries in the past have not lasted as long as hoped for. This meter does, however, have low very energy consumption circuitry.

Carry strap, mains charger, car charger and USB cable included.

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