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  • RF Link AVS-5808 Wireless 8 Channel Audio/Video System


5.8GHz Wireless 8-Channel

Indoor Audio/Video System


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  • Designed for industrial/commercial indoor wireless AV applications
  • Ideal for portable covert surveillance applications.
  • Transmission range can be over 7 km when combined with high-gain antenna and amplifier.
  • 5.8 GHz frequency avoids interference from any 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz applications.
  • Low profile housing and convenient slots for permanent mounting.



  • Designed for industrial, commercial indoor wireless audio/video applications.
  • Ideal for portable, temporary and/or covert surveillance applications.
  • 8 user selectable channels.
  • Strong immunity of interference from any of 900 MHz or 2.4GHz application such as Cordless phone, 802.11b/g Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Microwave oven, etc.
  • Low profile metal housing design with convenient slots for permanent mounting.
  • Convenient front panel frequency selection, video gain adjustment, power switch & indicator.
  • Capable in transmitting stereo audio.
  • Operating voltage from 8.0 to 32 volts DC with 90%+ efficient, low noise switching voltage regulators.
  • Transmission range up to 300 feet with clear line-of-sight.
  • Transmission range can be over 7 km with combination of high gain antenna and RF-Link’s 1 watt amplifier (APW-1000). See chart for more details.


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Q: What's the impedance for cable connection between AVS-5808 and APW-1000?
Generally speaking, the cable used at 5.8 GHz frequency band has an impedance of 50 Ohm.

Q: Can I connect a 2.4GHz wireless camera to AVS-5808 transmitter and while my AVS-5808 is connected to a DVR? Why do I get a fuzzy image when I do so?
A: Technically speaking, the only way such combination would work is to disable the 2.4 GHz wireless module inside the camera. The issue of fuzzy image is likely to be caused by the difference in the video gain level between AVS-5808 receiver and DVR. And there is a Variable Resistor switch on the AVS-5808 receiver, which is specified as "gain". The VR switch can be used to adjust the video gain level of AVS-5808 receiver. The AVS-5808 receiver should connect to a DVR and then to a TV, if it is connected to both DVR and TV at the same time, the fuzzy image will also occur.

Q: Why 9V power adapter is provided with AVS-5808 while "12V" is printed on the unit's power connector?
A: The recommended input voltage of AVS-5808 is 9V DC to 28 V DC. It is why the 9 V power supply is included in the package. Consequently, it is certainly all right to use the 12 V power supply. As for the "12 V" indicated on the AVS-5808 power supply connector, it is simply because 12 VDC is the most commonly adopted input voltage in the surveillance industry, which we think is exactly AVS-5808's target customer.

Q: Does AVS-5808 work with RF-Link's APW-1000 amplifier? And how?
A: Yes, AVS-5808 does work with APW-1000. Simply connect AVS-5808 transmitter antenna to "RF-out" connector of APW-1000, and from APW-1000 "RF-in" connector back to AVS-5808 transmitter.

Q: If combined AVS-5808 with APW-1000, what range of transmission can I expect?
A: With such set up, signal can be transmitted up to 2 km.

Q: Does AVS5808 receiver have an output other than baseband (ie 30 Hz to 6MHz)?
A: AVS-5808 will have no problems connecting to a regular NTSC television or a monitor through its RCA jack. In addition, in order to provide the outgoing signals, all RF devices must lower the frequency from RF frequency, which is 5.8 GHz to the baseband frequency in order to be visible to users.

Q: The specs list power from 8-32V input. Would it realistically run OK if I connected a 12V battery to a PV power jack and ran it off of that?
A: 12V battery thru. PV power jack should work, and typical power draw is 12V.

Q: What type of antenna does AVS-5808 equipped?
A: AVS-5808 is equipped with Omni-Directional antenna.

Q: Does AVS-5808 have a standard 9V power adapter jack or is it specialized?
A: AVS-5808 is equipped with 12V power adapter.

Q: Does AVS-5808 accommodate both NTSC and PAL version?
A: Current offer from RF-Link is NTSC version; PAL version is also available with special request.


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