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Since 1980



  • RF Link ABM-4161 Wireless Security/Baby Monitor



Perfect for Baby Monitoring - The Elderly - Or Business (convience store or apartment etc.......)


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2 years manufacturing parts and labor warranty


  • Wireless digital technology avoids any interference from other wireless devices.
  • Wireless digital technology provides total privacy.
  • Wireless digital technology provides longer transmission range.
  • Night vision automatically activated when light source is limited.
  • Built-in battery charger provides flexibility and mobility.
  • 2 years manufacturing parts and labor warranty
    • Digital wireless technology - interference free.
    • Digital audio/video transmission - 100% privacy.
    • Long distance wireless transmission - Approx. 450 feet with clear line-of-sight.
    • Voice activation - Energy saving.
    • Automatic night vision activation.
    • Monitor equipped with built-in Li-Ion battery charger.
    • Monitor with controllable brightness/volume.
    • Camera with exposure/white-balance.