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  • RF Link AVS-24    2/4 Way Audio Video Selector (2 in 4 out)


2 In 4 Out Audio Video Selector

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  • A simple way to provide audio/video broadcasting from 2 different sources.
  • Supports 2 AV input devices, and 4 output devices.
  • Supports both S-Video and Composite connection.
  • Ideal for local information broadcasting.
  • 2 input buttons for easy channel switching.

    • Works with Cable-TV box, Satellite TV receivers, DVD player, Laserdisc players, Video game console, Camcorders, VCR…. as input devices.
    • Works with TV, Sound system, Home theater…. as output devices.
    • Connect up to 2 audio/video input devices and 4 output devices.
    • Supports both S-Video and Composite video connections for optimum picture quality.
    • Supports 2 stereo audio connections with RCA jacks for left and right audio.
    • Simple switching with 2 input selector buttons.
    • Ideal for information broadcasting in airports, retail stores, show rooms and department stores, etc.
    • The power adapter is connected to the 4th S-Video output connector thru. adapter plug.
    • Easy set up and installation.


Technical Specificatios


Model AVS-24
Product Description 2/4-Way A/V Selector with S-Video (2-IN, 4-OUT)
Input - video/audio x2 (composite & S-Video) and
x2 Left/Right RCA jacks
Output 1 - video/audio x4 (composite & S-Video) and
x4 Left/Right RCA jacks
Power 12VDC (included)
Case Plastic
Dimensions 7.5 x 4.6 x 1.9 inches
(190 x 116 x48 mm)
Package Weight
(including all the accessories)
3.0 lb. (1.4 Kg)
Warranty 1 year