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  • RF Link AVS-41      4-Way AV Selector w/ S-Video (4-in, 1-out)


This works great for switching between satellite receiver, cable box, dvd/vcr, and Roku with one button push. If you don't like disconnecting cables, selecting among various inputs on your sound system and using multiple remotes for selecting the video input, then try this.






  • Eliminates disconnecting and reconnecting of cables.
  • Connect more sources than your TV has inputs.
  • Supports up to 4 audio/video input devices.
  • Supports both S-Video and Composite connection.
  • 4 input buttons for easy channel switching.
  • Works with Cable-TV box, Satellite TV receivers, DVD player, Video game console, Camcorders, VCR… as input devices.
  • Works with TV, Sound system, Home theater… as output devices.
  • Connect up to 4 audio/video input devices to a TV or home theater system.
  • Equipped with extra stereo jack for headphones or active speakers for audio monitor.
  • Supports both S-Video and Composite video connections for optimum picture quality.
  • Provides flexibility by allowing you to connect more sources than your TV has input.
  • Virtually eliminates disconnecting and reconnecting of cables.
  • Support up to 4 stereo audio connections with RCA jacks for left and right audio.
  • Simple switching with 4 input selector buttons.
  • AVS-41 is a passive device, and it does not require power from batteries or AC power socket.
  • Easy set up and installation.

Technical Specifications

Model AVS-41
Product Description 4-Way A/V Selector with S-Video (4-IN, 1-OUT)
Input - video/audio x4 (composite & S-Video) and
x4 Left/Right RCA jacks
Output 1 - video/audio x1 (composite & S-Video) and
x1 Left/Right RCA jacks
Output 2- audio x1 (stereo mini jack for headphones or speakers)
Power Not Required
Case Plastic
Dimensions 7.5 x 4.6 x 1.9 inches
(190 x 116 x48 mm)
Package Weight
(including all the accessories)
2.0 lb. (0.9 Kg)
Warranty 1 year