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6151 Williams Road

Tallahassee Fl 32311


Sales Service Installation

Since 1980


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Wireless Audio/Video Senders

Audio/Video Switches & Selectors

Wireless Surveillance


Satellite Accessories

Venture Actuators

All in One Satellite Cable

Servo Motor


C Band LNB


Non Penetrating Mount

Pocket Toner

Slimline Flexible Flat Cable

Wall Mount


Free to Air Systems and Accessories

Free to Air Guides, Receivers

Winegard Dishes




Dish Network & Direct TV and Accessories

Dish Network LNB

Dish Network Remote Control

Suunto Compass,

Wireless Phone Jack

SF-95 Satellite Finder

SF-99 Satellite Signal Finder Kit



We have been in business since 1990..

Located in Tallahassee Fl

Our Office hours are 8am to 9pm eastern

Monday thru Friday..



Call 850-877-3474


Or Email



Dish Network Tailgater


The Tailgater Portable Satellite TV Antenna

The Dish Network Tailgater takes TV Outside











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